Hi there! And welcome to Air Cot! I’m Steph, follower of Jesus, married to an amazing man, and momma to three of the coolest kids around. My husband’s work brings us overseas, and with family all over North America, we fly...a LOT.

Prepping for our most recent trip over the pond, I was brainstorming ways to keep my kids comfortable and hopefully help them catch some shut eye.  After exhausting a Google search (or six) I realized there wasn’t really an affordable option out there that would suit our needs.

I’m pretty resourceful so I set out to make something. I knew it had to be lightweight, waterproof, and no-fuss. Those were my non-negotiables. After some trial and error the Air Cot was born!

I know first-hand how tough those long-haul flights can be, on parents AND kids. My main goal is to support traveling moms and dads, and give those little loves the best experience possible.

Check out the site and please reach out if you have any questions!