The travel cot

for your traveling tot!


Compact Size

Toting a car seat or booster seat on a flight is bulky and leaves everyone cramped and uncomfortable. The Air Cot can be easily folded and stored or simply unclipped from the tray table if your little one would rather dangle their legs or roam the row than sit back and relax. One of the best parts about the Air Cot is its compact size. When not in use, it rolls up to the size of a water bottle, easily stored in the side of your backpack or diaper bag.

How Does It Work?

Your child’s seat belt loops through the base of the Air Cot to keep it in place, while adjustable ripstop nylon straps loop around the base of the tray table in front of them. There are two quick-release buckles that allow the hammock to fall to the ground in seconds. The high quality, waterproof canvas wicks away moisture, keeping your little one clean and dry throughout the flight. It not only allows for a quick exit in case of emergency but also makes for an easy cleanup for those inevitable spills. 

Protect Their Treasures

Keeping your child’s toys and treasures clean and germ-free has never been more of a priority. The Air Cot catches these items, keeping them close by and off the airplane floor! 

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