Air Cot - seat extender for kids

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The Air Cot seat extender is perfect for young children seeking some extra comfort while traveling. It acts like a hammock, allowing them to stretch their legs and relax. Content kiddos make happy moms and dads!


Material: Ottertex Waterproof Canvas (100% polyester), charcoal gray. 1" wide black nylon webbing, 1" heavy-duty plastic buckle

Dimensions (when open): 28" x 17"

Dimensions (when stored): 9" x 2.5"

Weight: 6 oz


The Air Cot is intended for use as a seat extender/footrest only, not to support the full weight of a child. Always supervise your child when product is in use.


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Air Cot - seat extender for kidsAir Cot - seat extender for kidsAir Cot - seat extender for kidsAir Cot - seat extender for kidsAir Cot - seat extender for kidsAir Cot - seat extender for kids

Customer Reviews

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Jess Coleman
Super easy and helpful for flights with little one

Used this for a flight with my 8 month old last week and it was so handy! Allowed them to sit and play, do some tummy time, etc. Have already recommended to friends.

Devon Kuntzman, Founder Transforming Toddlerhood
Makes flying so much more comfortable!

My now 18-month-old was so much more comfortable using the seat extender on our last flight compared to previous ones. I think he felt like he had his own special space and wasn't as wiggly. Love that it "caught" the snacks from falling on the floor as well! I would definitely recommend this to add more comfort and ease with your toddler when flying.

Luke Walker
Loved it but we lost the strap clip when rushing to another flight

Loved it but we lost the strap clip when rushing to another flight. I know it was my fault but I wish the clip was attached to the overall unit so it wouldn't be possible to lose the strap.

Hi Luke, thank you for your review! I understand how frustrating that must be. Please contact us at and we'll be happy to provide you with a replacement strap. Have a great day!

Josh G
Amazing product!

I have flown multiple times with this product with my now two-year-old and it was a lifesaver on the plane! She was able to sleep (it’s like her being in first class!) during her nap times while we fly. I also just recently flown and used this product with my three month old son, in which we were able to put him down to sleep laying down on this cot. Highly recommend!

Toddler loved it

I was skeptical but willing to pay anything to make our transatlantic flight slightly more tolerable for our 3 year old. This was easy to carry on and easy to set up and my toddler loved it because it allowed her to sleep much better. I was wishing I could use it! It also worked fine on the flights where we had slightly extra leg room. Was a great purchase- thank you.