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The Air Cot is no longer just for air travel! If you take road trips, we have you covered! Introducing the Car Cot adapter! This easy to install adapter transforms the Air Cot from a seat extender for the airplane to a footrest for the car.

The Car Cot adapter gives you everything you love about the Air Cot, but for the car.

Keep your child’s toys and treasures off the car floor and easily accessible from the front seat. No more searching around for fallen toys and sippy cups from the front seat. The Car Cot catches these items and keeps them within arm’s reach.

If you’ve ever taken a long car trip with kids in tow you know it doesn't take long before they get uncomfortable. Being stuck in the same position for hours makes for achy legs and squirmy, unhappy kids. The Car Cot lets them prop up their feet, providing relief for their little legs.

* Air Cot not included

Material: 3 mm Nylon paracord, two metal S-hooks, high-quality plastic cord lock

Length: 23"

Weight: 0.8 oz


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Car Cot AdapterCar Cot AdapterCar Cot AdapterCar Cot Adapter

Customer Reviews

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Connor Sharp
Good idea but not working properly sadly

The cot does stay straight. It's either too high or too low. I love the concept but itn practice it is not working properly. I wish you have uncut videos and real pictures on how to install it

Melissa G
Love it for the car!

I've actually only used this in the car and it worked GREAT for keeping my 3 and 5 year old's toys from constantly falling on the floor during a long road trip. Our back seat is a little higher than the front, so their feet weren't elevated like in an airplane or in other types of cars (each car is different in that way), but we weren't looking for elevated feet. The huge winner was an area for them to keep their toys so they weren't getting lost in the seats or dropped on the floor so I had to search for them while we drove! The car adapter wrapped around the seat so we didn't feel it at all and it clipped and unclipped just like in the it was super quick for getting in and out of the car! We just scooped the toys off the air cot when we stopped and we weren't digging them out of every crevice!